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A Forgetful Farce

A New Play (with Music) By Mark Costello, Sean Daniels, Eric Mercado, and Evan Watkins. Presented by Merkins, Daniello, and Sons

SPOTLIGHT ON: Valerie Graham

The Scientists New Jersey guest star, Valerie Graham, gives us her thoughts on Marie Curie, trampolines and the history of New Jersey.

Valerie Graham joins  The Scientists

Valerie Graham joins The Scientists

SCIENTISTS: Tell us a little about yourself.
VALERIE: I’m Valerie.

S: What was the last show you did?
V: A show I wrote. Writing is fun. And stressful. Deadlines are real and typing can only go so fast. I found ad-libbing within my own structure to be incredibly freeing. I tend to get nervous during shows, so it was nice to let that go.

S: The Scientists is a historical farce, what is your favorite little-known or wacky historical fact about New Jersey? 
V: Here’s the thing. I moved from New Jersey when I was 8. I’m pretty sure that’s right before they teach history or geography. So….something something colonies….something something settlers?

Wingra Ave in New Jersey

Wingra Ave in New Jersey

S: What is the one thing The Scientists crew can't miss while visiting New Jersey?
V: My childhood home. Or the park at the end of the street. Just at the end of Wingra Ave. You’ll see it. 

S: If you were a scientist, what would you invent?
V: I want to be a physicist. I mean to transition careers. I’ll invent facts about the universe. 

S: What do you think about the real life Marie Curie? 
V: A great gal. I’ve joked that I’d love to do a companion piece to The Scientists, Marie’s solo docudrama. It’d be a beautiful mix of forms. We’d use a looper. We’d do science. Maybe it’d be immersive. You walk into her lab. She’s sitting at a table, moving between biting a pencil and erasing a problem. That sound starts to loop. The room would be pulsing. And then…

A trampoline

A trampoline

S: Someone tipped us off that Marie may do a bit of burlesque in the show, have you ever done burlesque before?
V: No. If I ever do burlesque it’ll be under the name Choo Choo. And I’ll dress in a boxy train costume. I’ll make great coal and caboose jokes. I’ll obviously sing a song called Trolly Folly. 

S: Any other big plans for this fall?
V: Saving for a trampoline.


Catch Valerie in The Scientists performing at 1978 Maplewoood Arts Center ( September 28th at 5:00pmClick here for more tickets and more info!

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