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The Scientists

A Forgetful Farce

A New Play (with Music) By Mark Costello, Sean Daniels, Eric Mercado, and Evan Watkins. Presented by Merkins, Daniello, and Sons

SPOTLIGHT ON: Maya Boudreau

The Scientists Chicago guest star, Maya Boudreau, spills the "The Bean" on her hometown!


SCIENTISTS: First off, welcome aboard The Scientists! We're thrilled to have you! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?
MAYA: I'm from Chicago, I'm half French, quarter Greek, quarter Irish. Most recently described as "swarthy" by a costar on a McDonald's commercial.

S: Woah McDonalds! You must be lovin' it! What else have you been up to? Any theatre?
M: I was in Measure for Measure at the Goodman last year and completed the School at Steppenwolf a few months later. 

S: Oh really? What upcoming project are you most excited about--besides The Scientists of course!
MShooting a movie called Sticks in October where I get to shoot my movie mom with a sawed off shot gun! 

S: Some of the Scientists have never been to Chicago (though we all love the movie). What should we not miss while we are in the Windy City?
M: My mom and dad because they are really cute and I guess the bean.

The Smallest Man and Woman in the World in the "Midget City" at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair.  Source

The Smallest Man and Woman in the World in the "Midget City" at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair. Source

S: The show centers around the 1889 World's Fair in Paris, but Chicago has hosted the fair a number of times as well. What's something we don't know about the World's Fair in Chicago?
M: The 1933-34 World's Fair had an exhibit called the "Midget City." Which is exactly what it sounds like.

S: In The Scientists, you play renowned physicist and chemist Marie Curie. Little known fact: Marie almost didn't receive a Nobel Prize because she was having an affair with a married man. What do you think about the real life Marie Curie and her Nobel Prize scandal?
M: Marie Curie mixed business with pleasure and that should be not only admired but celebrated!!

S: If Maya Boudreau were a scientist, what would she invent?
M: I'd invent a version of Tom's deodorant that actually works and doesn't make me smell worse than I normally would.

S: Rumor has it that Marie does a bit of burlesque in the show. Have you ever done burlesque before?

S: Uhhhhh... I think that's all the time we have... Gotta get back to the lab...

Catch Maya in The Scientists performing at The Chicago Fringe Festival ( September 4th at 8:30pm, September 6 at 10pm, and September 7th at 4pm on the Deep Dish Stage at the CCJP Meeting Hall (5320 W Giddings Street). Click here for more tickets and more info!

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